1st Turnpike Strike! of 2020

1st Turnpike Strike! of 2020

The 2020 season kicked off last night at it’s regularly scheduled date and time. The final Friday of each month. 6pm Practice. Skills Begin at 7. The one and only. The often imitated, the Original… Turnpike Strike!

This month the event sold out within days of being put on sale. There were so many new faces and so many that unfortunately were left out. Last month we we expanded the axe throwing field and we almost fished a week later, so we had to stick to a strict cap. Sorry to those who were not able to attend because of this. It was not intentional. I don’t “have it out for you”, or don’t want you to not attend… just register faster.

Chutes and Ladders

The night started off with a new game submitted by Shaddy Vito called Chutes and Ladders. The basics of the game are to climb the ladder without hitting a chute. If you do, you are sent back down the ladder. A player is to complete this in the least amount of throws as possible.

A Turnpike Strike regular, Matt Kramer who throws axes out of Mazhu in Philly did have a great idea to improve the game. The rules did not allow any advancement beyond the normal progression. Matt suggested adding a grimace inside of a Chute that would send you UP, allowing a player to make up for chutes hit along the way. I love the idea. Thanks Matt!

The finals came down to the top 2 qualifiers of Curtis “Warner” Baptist and Erik Schulte both completing in 7 throws. The last 2 spots in the finals was a tie with 9 throws. Brad “Lucky” Kenny, John Bradley, and Keith “KAK” Kelly threw a tie breaker ending with Lucky being not so lucky. womp womp…

Erik Schulte ending up taking the win in 9 throws in his first ever, Turnpike Strike! Congrats man!

Chutes & Ladders winner and creator
Erik Schulte (left) with skill creator Shady Vito (bottom right)

Around the Galaxy

A long time crowd favorite, developed here at Choppers was up next. A modification to the game play was added where axe throwers need to throw for Bull a second time after the switch. This addition added a bit of an unnatural situation. In doubles, you and your partner are used to one side or the other. Now you had to hit Bull from both side. However, as David Cycon noted, playing on the boards painted for Chutes and Ladders, it gave both sides an area to aim for. Not intentional, but a noteworthy observation in my opinion.

The finals were a showdown between Joe “roosteR” Perry/Shady Vito, the team of John Bradley/Matt Kramer. We also had the Erik Schulte/Harry “Shakespheare” Mossbrook team. Rounding out the heat was the Baltimore duo of Sarah “SugarCohn” Cohn/Stu Craycraft who have been making the short trip up for the past few Turnpike Strikes!

In the end the dynamic duo and car pooling team of Shady Vito and roosteR took the glory! Congrats fellas!

ATG Champs
Shady Vito (Bottom Left) and Joe “roosteR” Perry (right)

Turnpike Strike – Main Event!

The field was filled with new attendees. Some traveling from far away. Others that finally came out to experience the fun we have once a month. The regulars who missed out made this one, really missed out. What a good time!

Elliot “El Dorito” Rosario came in as the number 1 seed as the winner from December. Unfortunately he was sent to the B bracket by roosteR in the 3rd round of A and was sent packing by Matt Kramer in the quarter finals of B leaving him tied for 5th with John Bradley this time around.

Matt Kramer took a 4th place finish after David Cycon sent him to the B bracket in the 4th round of A. Meeting up in B bracket with El Dorito to move on only to be eliminated by roosteR in the next match.

Shady Vito had a hell of a run through the A bracket, finishing 3rd. He didn’t have an easy path either. He faced Mark Hunt in round 1. Brad Kenny in Round 2. Warner in Round 3. Then comes the couch match… Joe Perry, Round 4 of A bracket. He drove Joe to Turnpike… But he took him out anyway. No biggie. David Cycon ended Shady’s A bracket run sending him for a rematch with roosteR, where Joe wasn’t letting him win this time.

The Finals

Joe Perry placed 2nd. After duking it out with his pal Shady Vito he Met David Cycon in the Finals. Cyclops is no stranger to the TPS and is a former champ, so it was no surprise to see him here. He had an amazing run through the A bracket and went undefeated this month. Even in the finals, roosteR was no match. Joe started off strong but the cool calm and collective Cyclops is no stranger to this pressure. He has found himself in this situation more than once. In the end, Cyclops finishes roosteR with a big axe bull to the high 3 rooster sent. Congrats Dave!

Jan Turnpike Champion
January 2020 TPS Champion! David Cycon

Replay can be seen on our YouTube Channel. If you havent subscribed, please do so and set your notifications for broadcasts of our future tournaments.

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