2024 Countess On-Site Info

2024 Countess On-Site Info

We are just providing some basic information on what to expect as far as food and drink goes for the weekend. We know this is always a question people from out of town or first time visitors.

Choppers typically does not have a bar, however for the tournament we WILL have a bar which is partnered with a local charity. This means there will be no BYOB. The following is not a complete list, but are some of the sponsors. We will have Tito’s Vodka, Fit Vine Wines, Yuengling, Double Nickle, Corona, Miller Lite, Cape May Brewery, White Claw and Twisted Tea!

While this may seem excessive, it has become an ongoing problem at past tournaments and unfortunately must be clearly stated. NJ is a very strict state when it comes to alcohol laws. Because there is an active liquor license on premises this weekend, there will be no outside alcohol allowed inside the building. Anyone caught with outside alcohol will unfortunately be disqualified from the tournament and asked to leave. Our business cannot be put into jeopardy, and we thank you for understanding!

Food Options

Choppers also does not have a kitchen and typically does not offer food. For these special events like Countess Cup, we do partner with local small businesses who help us provide a convenience for our guests. They do the best they can with the confides of the restrictions imposed on them. While we understand what is offered may not be your favorite meal, we do encourage supporting those who are supporting us (and YOU!).

There will be a gluten free and vegetarian option. Remember, this is not the only food you are forced to eat. It is provided as a convenience. If you would like other outside options, feel free. We do ask that outside food is not brought inside.

Some of the options we are aware of include breakfast sandwiches, Danish and muffins, meatball subs, hot roast beef, pizza, hot dogs, Philly pretzels, hummus, celery & carrot dip, kettle corn, popcorn, cotton candy and fresh squeezed lemonade.


Since there is a Dunkin Donuts in our parking lot, we will not be offering coffee. In the past the vendors have offered and nobody buys it anyway, so it will not be available.

Double Nickle Event (Saturday Night)

The Alcohol law in NJ we stated earlier play into this as well… The “Event” we will be having at Double Nickle will be on the mezzanine overlooking the brewery. Some of the details were sent out individually, but we wanted to provide some additional info, directions and pictures.

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Buffet food will include gluten free and vegetarian options along with Italian sausage peppers & onions, mac & cheese, pulled pork & turkey, green beans, and Caesar salad. The brewery has some great craft beers and they can be seen on their website HERE.

The address for Double Nickle is 1585 Route 73 Pennsauken, NJ 08110

Please contact us if you are not sure how to get your tickets. We hope to see you at the “Event”!

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