Axe Throwing Bowling League

Axe Throwing Bowling League

For 2021 we are going to introduce some new fun to Axe throwing League Nights. BOWLING… but with axes!

You know we are always looking to try something new, keep it fresh and most importantly, fun. At a certain point, the current game becomes very predictable. Scoring is very black and white with little variation and no good/clear way to handicap a thrower. I’ve turned to bowling a few times recently to get some ideas around how their leagues work, specifically around teams. Came up with a few things to implement such as side games, but didn’t get much further than that.

Enter Axe Throwing Bowling

I randomly stopped over a friend’s house and was talking about the idea when he pulled out a stencil for Major League Axe Throwing where they use the same concept already and have rules all drawn out. Immediately I got excited and wanted to try it out. We have reached out to MLAT but have not made contact yet. Either way, we are still going to run this using these rules whether we become sanctioned or not for the inaugural season.

Fast forward to this announcement, we are adding Axe Throwing Bowling to our League nights. The way it is going to work for Choppers will be that we are all in the same league, no matter the night of the week you choose to throw your regular league. You will have 4 games a week for 7 weeks with playoffs the Saturday at noon following the completion of all weeks of league play.

Since you are throwing your game with no input of the outcome from an opponent, you will be able to throw (bowl) your game either during the practice hour from 6pm to 7 pm, OR you can do some AFTER you are done throwing your matches in either WATL or IATF leagues.


A game is scored just like you would in bowling. Your season average is what will determine your handicap for the week 8 playoffs. After week 7, your handicap will be based on 220 points using a multiplier of 50%. This means if your 7 week average was 150 points, you would subtract 220 – 150 to get 70. Once this number is determined, your 70 is multiplied by .50 (50%) to get 35. (Decimals are dropped, only whole numbers will be used.) You then add your 150 to 35 for an overall average of 185.


For our inaugural season, we are going to do a $5 registration fee that will be at the end of your regular axe throwing league registration. Each week, the cost is $2.50 per game ($10). This will be collected at check-in for those in the league.

The cost of 1 game per player per week will be entered into a Prize Pool for the Final Weeks Playoffs. For example, if there are 20 players, (20 x $2.50 = $50) $50 per week will become the prize Pool of $350 ($50 x 7 weeks)

We are really hoping this twist to our standard league nights helps add some fun. Having done a bunch of test runs with players of all skill levels, everyone has really enjoyed it. We hope you do as well!

Make sure to register for your weekly League and Add this item on to your registration at the end before Check out!

Also, we will be playing this at our end of year Party on Wednesday. Make sure you sign-up for the festivities.

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