Axe Vendor Market – Countess Cup

Axe Vendor Market – Countess Cup

The Countess Cup is just around the corner. The weekend will be here before you know it, and we are SO EXCITED! This is going to be and EPIC weekend celebrating 192 female axe throwers from around the world throwing in IATF double elimination tournament. We are also excited to start putting together an amazing Axe Vendor Market for this event.

As you know, there are some unbelievably talented people in this community that make and sell axe related items like sheaths, shirts, jewelry and many other awesome items. There are also some that rehang and customize amazing axes. Not all of us have access to, or the time to go treasure hunting at flea markets. Some people do, and have amassed unreal quantities of vintage axes. No matter the vendor, we are looking forward to providing a marketplace where we can all get access to all of this in one place.

Vendor Market Details and Fine Print

Registration is open on the Countess Cup Page. You / your company will be provided a table and space at the Axe Market on SUNDAY of the Tournament in Zones C & D. This allows you to sell all of your axes and axe related items. You may NOT run auctions at this level of vendor. Strictly Sales of your merchandise. There will be limited spots available.

This does NOT mean you are a sponsor of the event nor does it not allow you to sell on the Saturday of the main tournament. Sponsorship opportunities are available for those that would like more benefits. Credits and Sponsorship Banners in the lanes and other sponsor perks, such as prominent placement in Zones A or B are available. Please email or contact us through the site. Sponsors are permitted to run an auction or raffle style sales. Event Sponsors also have the ability activate their table during the main event. Please reach out to for pricing and availability. 

Axe Market Vendor Zones
Zones C & D are for Vendor Market

You are agreeing that any and all sales tax that is to be collected is your responsibility. Choppers Hatchet House has zero responsibility in the collection or remittance of applicable sales tax. Any necessary mercantile licenses or permits required are also not the responsibility of Choppers Hatchet House.  

Once you Register for your spot, we will reach out and connect on details. We look forward to having you involved in this historic event!

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