Choppers Re-Opening Plan for July 7th

Choppers Re-Opening Plan for July 7th

It is not news to anyone, but things have changed in the world. Choppers is changing to reopen with a plan that keeps the Health and well being of all of our guests, as well as our employees in the forefront. We are all aware of social distancing, and this was our biggest hurdle when coming up with our reopening plan. Thankfully, we have solved this through re-configuring our space. Let’s take a quick tour of what to expect when booking an event and coming out to Choppers, post COVID-19. We will be following (and exceeding) all CDC Guidelines and state regulations which also include mandatory masks. Capacity has been drastically reduced to ensure we are able to open safely for our guests and employees.

Entering and Checking In

entrance to axe hall

If you have been to Choppers before, you will remember the long hallway entrance. On busier nights with multiple groups having reservations at the same time, you will now approach the front desk through the Axe Hall. We have a side entrance which will lead you through a socially distanced que. Six foot intervals will be clearly marked on the floors.

Axe Hall Que

After your group has reached the front desk, waivers have been spread out to keep distance between them. An Employee will be sanitizing between uses. We will be encouraging every group to make sure to fill out their waivers BEFORE arriving. There will also be signs with QR codes allowing waivers to be signed on personal devices rather than our supplied iPads.

waiver stations

Once you are ready to check-in, our front desk has been outfitted with protective glass which will keep a barrier between the employee and yourself. Extending the distance between them, we have placed additional tables to prevent close contact at this point.

Front Desk glass barrier

Social Distancing During Play

As players are throwing their matches, they are naturally more than 6 feet apart. Our challenge comes from those who are waiting their turn. This normally would have been in a common area shared by other groups as well. Being a group activity, the people coming in a group together have already agreed to be in a group with each other. Many of these groups are families and live with each other. It is the other groups in the building they did not necessarily agree to be with. We solved this by removing inventory and turning former lanes into viewing areas.

social distanced arena

What used to be an axe throwing lane (Above, Left) has now become part of that groups’s viewing area. This additional space to the original / former viewing area allows for plenty of social distancing for all participants of a group. This re-configuration is also keeping participants distanced from other groups.

viewing area

Additional fencing walls have been added for safety. Dedicated stools and tables for each group are in this area. Each group will have their own refrigerator and will no longer be sharing refrigerator space with other groups to help reduce the chance of spreading germs.

common area

The floors have been marked with lines showing the boundaries for each group. In addition to the viewing areas in the former lanes, there is still ample room in the old common area. There is a walk way in between areas and still allows for social distancing.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Choppers has always provided sanitizing wipes for customer use, but this will be enhanced and more readily available throughout the facility. We have also implemented a more rigorous cleaning plan for between groups. Additional staff has been added to allow for our regulators to properly clean down all surfaces to get ready for the next group.

sanitizing wipes

All equipment will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized as well. This can be done between players should the group want this level of precaution, but we will be allowing this choice to be up to each group or players.

As a whole, Choppers has completely revamped the experience for the safety of our employees and guests alike. We feel we have a solid plan in place but are very open to hearing any and all suggestions. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave a note in the comments section below.

Once it is safe to open, we look forward to seeing everyone!

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