Choptober Challenge Lottery

Choptober Challenge Lottery

After a LONG wait…. The Choptober Challenge lottery is opening July 31st and will run through August 7th. Event weekend is October 22nd – 24th. The twist this time: we will be offering a way for a limited number of throwers to skip the lottery and guarantee your spot.


The Choptober Tournament will consist of one main bracket for all throwers, played under standard IATF rules. Choptober participants who finishing 0 – 2 will be entered into a secondary bracket which will play separately from the main bracket. Lottery ticket holders who did not get into the main tournament will be allowed entry in this consolation bracket as well.

Premier Rules will replace Standard Rules at the Semi-Finals of each bracket (A and B bracket of the Main event).

We will be running 4 skills. After the results of the lottery for the main tournament are known, these skills will be announced and available for registration on a first come basis.


Entries for the lottery will be limited to 5 tickets total. Each Ticket purchased will add your name to the lottery an additional time. If you purchase 2 tickets, your name will be in twice. If you purchase 3 Tickets, your name will be entered 3 times. Each entry will help donate to One Tree Planted like we have done in the past.

Should you not wish to deal with the lottery system, we will have 64 registrations that are priced at a premium. Players opting for this entry method will automatically receive an event Tee with registration.

In the case of the border not being open for travel, our Canadian friends can expect full refunds. For both the lottery as well as the tournament registration.

Prize Pool

Although we never viewed The Choptober Challenge as a “who’s the best thrower” tournament, cash prizes will be awarded. The Prize Pool will be $10,000 based on 256 participants. In addition, money from this pool will be hitting both the consolation bracket as well as the main event. And rest assured that Choppers belief that we need to pay deeper in the brackets, we will be announcing this breakdown after the lottery is closed.


Facebook has banned linking to our website. Registration page for everything can be found HERE.

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