Choptober Skillz – 2022

Choptober Skillz – 2022

The 2022 Choptober Skillz will be on sale starting Monday 8/29. Skills will be first come, first serve. Plenty available, but still only available while they last.

Tickets available HERE

Individual Skill – House Big Axe Black Jack

This skill will include you receiving your very own (take home) Choppers House Big Axe.
5 Throws, no clutches.
Tie Breaker is closest to 11

Doubles – Around the Galaxy

Standard ATG Rules

Random Draw Triples

If you attended 2021’s Choptober Challenge, you might remember how fun this skillz game was. You may also remember how long heats took. To combat this, we will be doing 10 throws (rather than 15) with more heats.
Scored like Doubles, but with 3. Hence being called Triples.

Team Beer League Yahtzee!

Gather your Team now. Get your Team Name ready… You are going to be asked for it at registration.

This is Yahtzee scoring, but each thrower will be throwing something different.

Player 1 – Standard IATF (new) spec Hatchet
Player 2 – Short Axe – (House provided if you do not have one) 6in max handle measured from base of head
Player 3 – Shovel – (House provided if you do not have one) Cold Steel Style
Player 4 – Big Axe

Player throws same “axe” entire game, every heat. No switching.

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