Chutes & Ladders

Chutes & Ladders

Axe Throwing Skills Game

Submitted by Shady Vito

This game will make it’s debut at the January Turnpike Strike. This was submitted and the game named by our very own, Shady Vito. An update with images and a video will follow.

The object of the game is to complete climbing the ladder in the least amount of throws. Six (6) throws is the best result achievable in IATF, or Ten (10) on WATL targets.

Throwers will be throwing strictly at the center board on the target. I will be explaining on IATF boards. You can translate this to WATL as well. Throws where the axe blade is touching a side board do not count. The full blade must be in ONLY the Center board.

Throwing begins at the bottom as players try to climb the ladder to the top. Throwing at the Lower 1 first. Then throwing Lower 3, then Bullseye. Next is Upper 3 Upper 1 and finally to a clutch of their choice. The Center board will be marked with randomized Circles in each of the target areas. These are the Chutes. Should any part of the blade touch one of these Chutes, the player starts back at 1 for the Lower targets. For the Upper 1 and Upper 3, the Chute will land them back at Bullseye.

Tie breakers are decided with a bull-off. Order of throwing is decided with Rock Paper Scissors. Hitting the Upper 1 Chute results in immediate loss.

Have an idea for Skills game? Make sure to submit it to us on our Submissions Page.

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