Planning a Corporate Event

Planning a Corporate Event

Team Building Fun

The 9 years I spent working for a large Philadelphia area housing company taught me quite a bit about planning corporate events. People got bored quick if we started doing the same thing over and over. We quickly ran out of options until I recommended axe throwing. I had been throwing for a couple months now at this point. Lots of people in the office knew I was into axe throwing and were not surprised at all when it came up as a suggestion. After very little persuasion the event was booked and everyone was talking about it.

Attending that event with my coworkers showed me a side of some of them that I had never seen. That shy girl who never comes out after work jumping up and down hugging her coworker after they both hit a bullzeye. The boss of the whole office turning around and cheering after somehow hitting a clutch by accident. Levels of excitement that I had never seen from my co-workers before. There’s just something about axe throwing that really brings people together. It engages them and keeps everyone glued to that target waiting to see how they stack up in this primal game of skill.

The Choppers Difference

Choppers Hatchet House
Tito’s Vodka Hatchets For Hope Charity Tournament

When I first walked into Choppers Hatchet House I knew it was different. No other axe space in the area feels so spacious while also feeling so cozy at the same time. It seemed like the perfect place for huge events and they really proved that to me at the first Choptober Challenge. They change the space drastically based on the needs for that day and will work with you to help put on something special. Choppers really does know how to put on a good event.

Choppers Arcade

How to Plan Your Event

Planning an event with Choppers is easy!
All you have to do to book with a group of up to 24 is pick a time slot on our website!
For bigger groups you can give them a call at 856-433-8031
Choppers has awesome food packages available too.. brought to you by our partners at Iron Hill Brewery. To set these up contact our special events manager – ME!

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