Countess Cup Registration Update

Countess Cup Registration Update

Here we are, 6 months into “14 Days to Flatten the Curve” with no end in sight. None of us had any idea we would be sitting here today. Six months ago the hope was maybe it needed to be pushed back a month or so. We were figuring it would have been rescheduled and happened already. However, our leaders have failed us and NJ is still in a state of shutdown. Borders are closed and today 5 new states have been added to the travel restriction states into NJ making the total 35. If someone were to hold a gun to my head today and say pick a date, I wouldn’t be able to do so without the potential to let anyone down any further than they already are.

That being said, we are still not canceling this axe throwing tournament, but we do not know when it will happen. It is a top priority to host this and feel this event is an important and empowering event that must happen. This event will be our priority before any other Major tournaments. As you already rightfully have assumed, that means Choptober 2020 will not be happening. Choptober will still live, but it will have to be after we make The Countess Cup a reality!

Registration Impact

We understand the impact this pandemic has had on everyone around the world and want to address those who need to withdraw their registration. We know the registration fees can be used to support yourselves and your families and don’t want to hold that up any longer than it already has been. That being said, we simply cannot afford to refund every registration fee should that be the request.

Despite a reputation or a perception that may be out there, Choppers is by no means an establishment that can withstand the adverse impact Covid-19 has placed on us. We are not backed by multi-million dollar investors, nor are we, the two owners, millionaires ourselves. Choppers is a small business owned by two regular guys who quit their job to bring axe throwing to South Jersey.

We are asking for those that are able to hold out on requesting a refund do so. It would be GREATLY appreciated as we can’t withstand that request from every participant at this time. We simply do not have the cash on hand to fulfil such a request. For keeping your registration, you will be automatically registered in an additional Skill that was not originally offered before. Those who do need it, we will prioritize your requests to make you whole. We will also offer a refund in the form of a gift card for those able to use it. This is mainly for those local that are still looking to participate in things like League and Turnpike Strike! events but could use the help now in paying for these things.

Letting us know your plans

The options we are asking you to communicate to us are as follows:

– Stay Registered and get Free Registration to an added Skill Event
-Keep you Registered but Allow you to sell your place/registration
-Request a Gift Card Refund
-Request a Refund

The official way we will handle this will be through a single form so all requests will be in one place. Having separate emails, Facebook messages, phone calls ect will be unmanageable and will lead to dropping the ball. Please use this Form to communicate your needs.

We apologize for any delay in addressing this, but as you all have dealt with as well, it has been a rollercoaster of emotions, depression and financial hardship. The marking of 6 months from closing down was really just screaming, we need to address not having a date available for what we were so excited to host. 192 participants. Wow. I can’t wait for this…

Take care and Stay safe! Wear your Masks!

2 thoughts on “Countess Cup Registration Update”

  1. Shanda Bloodtigress Adams says:

    Hi Kieth Shanda if the borders open I will come i don’t want to cancel my registration because I want to come compete hugs much love from Bloodtigress

  2. Shanda Bloodtigress Adams says:

    Hi Kieth Shanda if the borders open I will come i don’t want to cancel my registration because I want to come compete hugs much love from Bloodtigress

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