Countess Cup Schedule – 2024

Countess Cup Schedule – 2024

We have been bombarded with questions for the “schedule” for the upcoming Countess Cup. This post is to clarify that nothing has changed to the schedule of events we released on February 9th.

To be as transparent as possible, nobody ever knows the “start times” of skills that many are asking. The only thing we ever will know is the order of events. We can guess at the start times, so we will provide those estimates! Please understand, most of this is a guess. If there is a hard start time, that will be noted. If it is an estimate, that will be noted as well. Please understand we are NOT following estimated times. If it is posted here that we estimate something starts at 2pm but we are finished the event before it at 1pm, we will be starting at 1pm. We will not be extending the day to meet a later estimated time.

Friday (All hard start times)

Practice Starts 9am
Marathon 9:30am
TPS! Practice 6:30pm
TPS! 7pm


Check-in & Practice 8am (Hard start)
Welcome 8:45am (Hard Start)
Tournament Start 9am (Hard Start)
Menage a trois 4pm (A wild guess)
Afterparty – 7pm (Hard Start)


Practice – 10am (Hard Start… ONLY for people in 0-2 bracket)
Owen Too – 10:20am (Hard Start)
Big Axe Tournament 11:30am (A wild guess)
Yahtzee 1pm (A wild guess)
Sadie Hawkins Doubles 2:30pm (A wild guess)

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