Countess Cup & The Choptober Challenge

Countess Cup & The Choptober Challenge

I can’t believe it is the end of June, 2021. Six months ago we gave a non-update Update on Countess Cup and noted that Covid-19 won the 2020 Choptober Challenge. However, THIS update is an exciting and long overdue update on this amazing event. And, it is coupled with the announcement of the 2021 Choptober Challenge! Thank you so much for your understanding and patience through this pandemic.

A planning team has been assembled to tackle the challenges ahead. This diverse team consists of Owners and managers of other venues as well as players from far and away, as well as local. This was done to give us the best perspective of many voices and opinions to help get our tournament schedule back to normal with as few hiccups as possible. We are also working with the IATF on rolling these tournaments out at a time where border crossing is still not perfectly clear. Please bear with us. We are doing our best to bring these two massive events back during some unprecedented times.

Countess Cup 2022

We had every intention of hosting the Countess Cup before any other major tournament. The amount of time that has passed and where we are on the calendar is dictating something different. To hold tradition on one of the largest axe throwing events someone can attend, we will be hosting Choptober this year on October 22nd – 24th. The Countess Cup will be held on April 30th – May 1st.

From the timing perspective, we don’t want to cram the Countess Cup in just to have it. In addition, The amount of tournaments other places have on the calendar for the remainder of the year is overwhelming. We want to do it right. in order to do it right, it would have to fall around the same time that Choptober would normally be scheduled. With a focus group, it was decided to set the date as close to possible to the original date it was planned to be held in 2020. So if you were registered for the Countess Cup, you are still registered for the official April 30 – May 1st dates.

Choptober 2021

Stay tuned for announcements in the days to come for more details on The Choptober Challenge weekend. Again, the dates will be Oct 22nd – 24th.

Choppers was the place that started the lottery in axe throwing tournaments, so it only makes sense. The uncertainty of registration demand is going to have us using a lottery. The lottery date will be July 31 to Aug 7th. Details around the tournament format will be announced prior to the lottery. We can tell you at this time that we have a view of what the Choptober Challenge is, at it’s core. To us, it is more about comradery than it is about competition. Interpret that as you will when it comes to Premier Rules… Yes, there is competition at Choptober, but the ones that matter are WATC and IATC.

From being the first to host a 256 person tournament, we learned a lot. From that experience, we are planning some interesting twists as far as skills and pick-up tournaments. Yes, we are going to have set skills events, but we do have some other ideas up our sleeve. Stayed tuned for more details.

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