Countess Cup Update

Countess Cup Update

SO…. you ladies sold this 64 player Countess Cup field out in 2:41. That was amazing! On top of that, we have had an OVERWHELMING response in people getting added to the wait list. Not that I ever doubted this would be big, I just had no idea HOW big it could get.

I’m sure you know by this point in time, Choppers doesn’t shy away from a challenge, nor do we like to exclude anyone. With the demand you ladies are showing us here, we are going to make some changes to our original plans, and hopefully this makes this weekend that much better for all of you as well.

Extending The Countess Cup

We are WELL beyond our original 64 player target. In fact, we are well beyond doubling the size of the tournament. We are pretty close to 192 participants, so we think WE SHOULD GO FOR IT! How bad-ass will it be to have the first ever Countess Cup be a field of 192 amazing woman from around the world? I think it shows how seriously you all should be taken as contenders.

If we are extending the tournament size, we are going to need to push skills to another day. Sunday is the only day that would make logical sense to us. We can still finish at a decent time for those that will need to travel home on Sunday. For those that can stick around, we are thinking of doing a pop-up tournament on Sunday. Nothing set in stone, but we should be able to do it.

Being as we were originally planning to not have to shut down on Saturday night for regular customers, going to 192 is not going to leave us with much of a choice but to do so. The revenue loss of this decision isn’t an easy pill to swallow from a business perspective. You can read more about the economics of a tournament here if you haven’t already. That being said, the additional participants will allow us to increase the prize pool as well as pay deeper into the bracket.

Prize pool is increasing to a total of $4000. This is also going to spread out to the 25th place from the previous 17th place. This means the top 32 throwers will be in the money and every place will be increased from the previously announced amount. From 1st all the way through to the 25th, they are all increasing.

The Not-So-Perfect Bracket

A Bracket of 192 players doesn’t play out as evenly as if this were a 128 or a 256 player. Some players are going to in essence, get a bye. What we are going to do is to take the first 64 that made it in when the Countess Cup went on sale, and these players will be the first to get the bye. The remaining players will be randomized in the other slots.

Players who entered the wait list will shortly see those wait list entries turned into registration emails, so keep your eyes open. CHECK YOUR JUNK MAIL! This will be done over the course of the next few days.

We are still short enough players (at this time) to make it to 192. However, I feel confident we can get there! So help us spread the word. The Countess Cup still has some room. Lets make history together with this amazing event! Let all the other lady blades and woman of axe throwing know to Register Here!

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