Design Contest – Countess Cup

Design Contest – Countess Cup

With The Countess Cup approaching, we still need a design to represent this amazing woman’s event. There has been a lot of thought that has gone into this event. A lot of communication with the female members of the community to make sure it represent everyone properly. However, we are still men. That being said, the design representing the largest woman’s axe throwing event to date should be designed by, or at least voted on by the woman of axe throwing.

This community is chock full of creative people. There are people that design some amazing axes, sheaths, shirts, jewelry, or whatever else they come up with. All of these are ART. If you know me at all, you know I appreciate all forms of ART. It’s one of the reasons Choppers partners with V.U.R.T. as often as we can. However, The Countess Cup is different though.

Choppers has named The Girl Scouts of Central and South Jersey as our main Charity partner for this event. We have also involved Empower Her Network which is less known than the Girls Scouts. However, they make an impact many don’t even realize needs attention in our society. Empower Her Network works with survivors of the modern day slavery of sex trafficking and helps them find a path to independence. These two amazing organizations really make an impact in our communities and we are proud to have them on board.

About The Design Contest

Choptober 2019

So what are we looking for? We are looking to include all of you in the design of the art representing The Countess Cup. We are actually going to have 2 different contests. One will be the design of a “poster” similar to the one we created for The Choptober Challenge. The other is to be a design to be used on either glassware or shirts. Each category will be judged by a select panel of judges including The Woman of Axe Throwing who represent the female part of this amazing community. The winners will receive a cash prize of $200 for each category.

Poster Design

Some things to consider when designing for the poster portion of the contest. There are certain things that MUST be in the design to be considered, and they are as follows:
-Choppers Logo (in some form)
-Dates of the event (May 2 & 3)
-Name of the event
-Able to be silk screened (not a million colors and shades)

The “would be nice” things to consider
-Theme of the event and what it means (to you, or in your opinion)
-Celebrating the diversity of the woman in our community
-Charity partners (Girl Scouts and Empower Her Network)

General Design

The general design is not as specific in needing to hit any points like the poster does. It should follow some basics like being able to be silk screen printed or turned into a “single color” design to be etched into glass. It should also represent The Countess Cup and what it means to you. Incorporating the charity partners can be an idea, but the ideas are up to you as the designer.

Design Contest Details

March 23rd will be the submission deadline. Choppers will be posting submissions throughout the submission period and celebrating all entries. The winners will be announced at our March Turnpike Strike! tournament on the 27th and will be awarded with a $200 prize.

Submissions can be sent directly to through the March 23rd deadline. Please be aware that submissions are granting us permission to use the design as well as share the submission on our social media as well as on The woman of Axe Throwing’s social accounts as well. Good luck to all of you! I can’t wait to see what everyone submits! And more importantly, I can’t wait to see the designs in production.

2 thoughts on “Design Contest – Countess Cup”

  1. Jay says:

    What an amazing idea I can’t wait to submit!!

    1. Keith Gibbons says:

      Thanks! Get the submissions in!

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