End of Summer Marathon League

End of Summer Marathon League

As summer comes to an end, the winter blues are approaching. We have all been home slowing the spread and flattening the curve. Axe throwing at home has become more popular than ever and people have gotten some good practice time in. Now let’s see your endurance!

Choppers will be holding the first Marathon League of the year. Like many thing, we wanted to do one earlier on, but due to Covic-19 we had to put it on pause. Unfortunately, we will need to cap the registration to remain at safe levels.

September 19th is the date! Cash prizes for the winners and consolation brackets for those out early.

Marathon League? What is that?

We will be playing all 8 weeks of a standard IATF season in ONE DAY… PLUS playoffs! This is a total of 28 matches. The top 16 of the “season” will be in the playoffs. The League will begin at 10am.

This is not a sanctioned league towards the IATC for qualifications, but will be run through axescores with your player card.

Indoor dining will be open in NJ (planned to open Sept 4th as of this writing) and Choppers will be ordering Pizzas for the players. Beverages, both alcohol and non-alcohol, will be BYO. You are also able to bring your own food, or order for yourself at your own cost.

Cash Prizes you say?!

Each registration will contribute $35 into the prize pool. Top 16 throwers will be in the playoffs competing for the cash prize.

Prize amount will be based of registration numbers. Payout will be a % of total pool.
1st Place = 40%
2nd Place = 25%
3rd Place = 17%
4th Place = 10%
5th / 6th Place Split 8% (4% each)
7th / 8th Place = Each get a Free Entry to an upcoming Turnpike Strike!

What is the Consolation Bracket?

So there will definitely be one bracket, maybe a second, based on the registration numbers.

First consolation bracket will be made up of all throwers who went 0 – 2. It will be single elimination, best of 5 for all rounds.

The potential second consolation bracket will be for all those who did not make the top 16 “main” bracket.

Winners of either will be awarded Free entry to an upcoming Turnpike Strike!


Registration is open now on our League Page. Again, registration IS limited, but will also be cut-off on Wednesday September 17th. Dont wait, get your spots now.

Please be aware that we ARE still in a pandemic. Anyone thinking about traveling from out of state may want to check the NJ Quarantine guidelines BEFORE registering as registration is Non-refundable. There are many states still on the travel list, and we do not want anyone breaking any rules as we will be following the guidelines.

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