Jack or Jill of All Trades – Skills

Jack or Jill of All Trades – Skills

In our quest for ever expanding skills games, we started taking submissions from people. Getting ideas of fun games we can test out and try to start playing within the community. This skill idea was submitted by Kelly Moylan and can be played on an IATF or a WATL target. The format of the submitted idea was added by us internally playing around with the idea. We will be including this skill in the Countess Cup on May 3rd for Skills day. Thank You for the submission Kelly!

The basics of this are simple. You have 5 throws. Standard point values are in place. Each throw must be a different style throw. There is no set order you must throw. However, you must compete or attempt each skills throw and the last throw of the game cannot be with your dominant hand. This makes throw 5 an ambidextrous throw as well.
One Handed Left
One Handed Right
Two Handed (Overhand OR Underhand)
Underhand Left
Underhand Right

Skills Competition Format

Jack or Jill of all Trades will be played in a tournament bracket style elimination rather than the top scoring players of a heat. It will be played in a single elimination bracket with randomized seeding.

A match of this skill will consist of the best of 3 games. A game is 5 throws. The clutch or Kill Shot is open only on the 5th throw of each game. Each match (best of 3) that results in a tie will go to an underhanded Big Axe as the tie breaker. The throws for the tie breaker with the big axe will be straight to points with an underhand throw. (Can be dominate hand.)

If you have an idea for a skills game, please dont forget to submit your ideas to us. We would love to hear them and try them out because nothing is too wacky or out there. In other words, get on it and submit them!