May 2nd Womens Tournament – The Countess Cup.

May 2nd Womens Tournament – The Countess Cup.

The Details You’ve Been Waiting For

Tournament Field Size

Chopper’s Womens Only Tournament named The Countess Cup is fast approaching. We are initially setting the field for the double elimination portion of the tournament at 64 players. There will be no lottery for this event. It is first to register gets in. However, we will be including a “wait list” item on the site as well. If you did not get in on time, we will be going in order of the time entry of the wait list. IF the wait list grows to another even amount for a tournament, we WILL be expanding the field.

Tournament Format

This will be under IATF playoff rules. Rounds will begin as Best of 5. Tournament will begin Saturday morning at 10am with practice starting at 9am. Seeding will be random.

There WILL be Skills. However, they will NOT be on sale at the same time as Tournament Registration. Based on the need to expand the field, we will determine which skills we open and how many skills available.

Prize Pool

Prize Pool will be $3000 and paying out to the 17th place. This means the top 24 throwers will be taking home prize money. This is our deepest paying tournament yet. We hope to continue this in the future as we mentioned in our paying deeper into the brackets blog post.

Friday Before The Countess Cup

We will be hosting our monthly Turnpike Strike the week before. However, we will be doing something special Friday Night, May 1st. Registration for Friday’s even is not mandatory. More details on registration will be announced soon. Friday’s event will however be open to anyone, not just women.


Signups will be available on the registration page HERE. Registration will be $65 per person for the Tournament. Skills will be available separately at $20 per person, per skill.

Registration will open Feb 3rd at 11AM EST for the tournament and wait list. Registration and wait list will close Feb 8th. Any change to the field size will be announced by Feb 10th. Skills will be announced and will be on sale Feb 21. Wait list players from expanding the field will be sent an updated invoice. This is to be paid within 48 Hours before loosing their place in line.

Would you be interested in being a commentator for our live stream? Please reach out to us. We won’t be able to accommodate everyone, but we will be looking for the right person for our broadcast. However, we would be looking for people with knowledge of the sport as well as details about the participants. If you aren’t already a subscriber to our YouTube Channel, please subscribe and follow us.

Special Thanks to Mr. Jimmy Wyatt for helping name the event.

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