Part of the Family

A membership at Chopper’s is the most affordable way to throw. Being a league member has its perks, and gives a great discount on axe throwing, but let’s be honest… You would probably come more often if it were even less! We want to encourage our league members to strive be the best in the sport of axe throwing, and that takes practice. With this monthly membership, you will have 3 different choices. Each choice has its perks and are more fitting for some than others. Have a look at which level will fit your practice needs. Signing up will enroll you in an automatic recurring monthly payment. Once you have signed up for a membership, a membership card will be presented to you on your next visit. Practice hours are valid at time of payment and are paying for the FUTURE month. Discount codes can only be used while account is “Active”. If a membership has been canceled and there are still available hours to use, the discount codes are NOT active. Again, they must be used when account is “Active”.
Memberships are Fully controlled by YOU. We cannot cancel them and you are responsible to cancel before being charged. Emails are sent out each time reminding you it will be charged. It is YOUR responsibility to manage this.


If at any time you would like to cancel your membership, please use the unsubscribe button below. If you are looking to adjust the membership package at any time, up or down, you will need to unsubscribe and re-subscribe with the new package you desire.

* Merchandise discount valid only on Chopper's In house Merchandise. Excludes any 3rd party items such as Axeadelphia or Bullzeye Cards.

** Guests cannot be another current Chopper's League Member