Pro Training is Back!

Pro Training is Back!

Only at Choppers

Every sport has training. Axe throwing is no different. Every sport has professionals. Again, Axe throwing is no different. There can be the argument of what constitutes a professional in axe throwing, but that is for another day. Let’s agree that there is a clear difference between a seasoned vet and a new thrower in the sport. That is where Pro Training at Choppers comes in.

Since the early days of the sport up until now, the progression of talent has picked up. At a fast pace. In the early days in Matt Wilson’s back yard, which then formed BATL and paved the way for us all, the number of throwers was nowhere near the reach this sport has today. With the number of throwers growing at such a rapid pace, talent is everywhere. Everyone has the ability to watch what others are doing or not doing and pick up little tidbits of how to get better. Good throwers will share their tips with you. Encourage your progression. Even give you a hug when you beat them! It is one of the many great things about this sport.

We had this program available back in early 2018 for our youth leagues. Unfortunately, due to insurance restrictions we had to curb the youth league programs. Along with that setback to the momentum we were creating, we put the Pro Training and clinics to rest. Since this time there have been possitive changes in insurance restrictions. The industry has grown and learned a little more about how safe this sport can be when properly executed. Now we are BACK!

Meet Our In House Trainer

Mike Moore - Rupert
Mike (Rupert) Moore

You will be booking your training with Mike (Rupert) Moore. A Cherry Hill resident who is originally from Barrington, NJ. He may look scary, but he is a big teddy bear. Having been in the axe throwing community since July of 2016 and competing across North America shortly after, he is well versed in everything axes. Mike is one of the most respected throwers in all of axe throwing. Axe throwing and training has been his career for the last 4 years and he has held many positions within the axe throwing world, even General Manager here at Choppers Hatchet House where he currently holds the record for highest season average.

Accomplishments-a-plenty. Rupert was the first American League Champion of the IATF (Then known as the NATF) as well as the first Club Champion of his location. Several Championship Tournament qualifications and placements. Record holder several times for American throwers.

Rupert is a Marine Corps Veteran serving from may 2004 through June 2008, and we thank him for his service.  He was honorably discharged as a E-4 Corporal. Married to Jenna Moore and has two beautiful children.

When he is not spending time with his wife and children, practicing axe throwing or restoring vintage axes, Rupert volunteers his time with Family Services of Camden County and with Samaritan Healthcare and Hospice in Westmont, NJ.

Training Options

Choppers will have 2 options for training. Group Clinics will be available on Saturday and Sunday Mornings from 9am to 11am. Private sessions will be first come basis on Monday and Tuesday afternoons. Reservations for the Pro Training can be made on our site. Our axe throwing clinics are hour long sessions, beginning at the time you arrive. Reserving a spot in our clinics is the best way. Price is $25 when booking ahead and $30 without a reserved spot. Without a reservation for the clinic, there is no guarantee there will be space, so please try to reserve ahead of time.

Get Involved With Pro Training

Looking to step up your game as a thrower?

Obviously beginners will see the most benefit. But we all could use outside help and there should be no shame in enrolling in training. Professional athletes need training. You don’t? No matter who you are, you can benefit from someone helping your game. Spending the time watching your mechanics and what things could be corrected and helping in how to correct them. Check out our schedule and reserve some time now!

Want to become an In- House Pro?

We are blessed here in the Philadelphia area with a TON of great throwers. If you have what it takes and want to share your knowledge and expertise, please reach out to us. We would love to hear from you.

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