COVID-19 Impact to Choppers

COVID-19 Impact to Choppers

It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this in response to the COVID-19 Outbreak. Reluctant to make an early statement, we chose to quietly cancel and reschedule customer’s future events scheduled after Sunday 3/15.

We completely understand the severity of the situation and have been working with all customers while following CDC and WHO guidelines. An announcement before we could handle the already overwhelming calls pouring in and demanding refunds, would only have added to the panic. Many of these refund demands were for events scheduled out as far as December Christmas Parties. We felt there was a need to flatten our cancellation curve and get a handle on those customers reaching out early, before creating more of a rush for ourselves to handle.

Rescheduling and Cancellations

Messages have been posted on our site through pop-ups when visiting since last week with updates to our operation and plan. Our most recent update as of Sunday 3/15 is as follows:

As everyone on the planet Earth knows, COVID-19 has brought life as we know it to a halt. The practice of social distancing must be a priority for all of us to flatten the curve of the infections and devastation from this virus.

We ask everyone who has future parties, events, leagues, and upcoming tournaments to understand that our closure as a locally owned and operated business is crippling to us. Everyone should be looking at this as a postponement, not a cancellation of life. We appreciate those of you that are willing to not request a full refund for booked events, but rather to agree to reschedule at a later time. Discounts to your reservation will be applied once a safe date and time has been determined.

For those needing a full refund for events, we understand and you can reach us via email at

The Countess Cup originally scheduled for May 2nd and 3rd is being POSTPONED, Not Canceled. We are determined to make this amazing event happen. If at the time of announcing the new date a refund is needed, we will address this at that time. 

Next Steps

We are reaching out individually to those that have parties scheduled. If you have not yet heard from us, please understand that this will take a little time. We would appreciate not leaving multiple voicemails in addition to multiple emails and contact us form submissions. Doing this only confuses things and makes everything take longer. We get it! You have a reservation that can’t happen… PLEASE bear with us as we address each individual party with the same level of care everyone deserves.

We plan on being back as soon as things are deemed safe by the WHO and CDC. At that time we will be rescheduling dates for the Countess Cup. We do need your help in understanding and support to get through this as a small business, and we thank you in advance.

Please do your part in social distancing. Stay safe during this time. Be a good human being.

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