Round 1 Participants


  • *Note, this is JUST to sign up for your time slot. You MUST PAY the IATF through their site. This is open March 13th.All participants will throw their round 1 throws under the IATC Rule Set
    75 Hatchet and 15 Big AxeROUND 1 INFORan in heats of 4 throwers.
    Times being booked for are actually just “Heats”. They more than likely will take place “around” the times booked… IF all the slots fill. Example: the last heat is what you select, BUT 2 heats prior did not fill, your time will be played an hour earlier. Heats will more than likely last about 40-45 minutes.
    We will communicate the best we can with how things progress with sign ups.

Pay the IATF for Round 1

  • Players must pay IATF Directly in order to throw. Payment info can be fount on the IATF Website HERE
      Players who have not paid will not have their round available to score on AxeScores

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