Save the date – 2022 Choptober Challenge

Save the date – 2022 Choptober Challenge

The 2022 Choptober Challenge will be taking place this year. Mark you calendars and save the dates! It will take place October 28 – 30th

As you are probably aware, the Choptober Challenge was the first to attempt and successfully host a 256 person axe throwing tournament. The event was able to draw this type of a crowd because it is an event not to be missed! We strive to be as inclusive as possible and foster an atmosphere of fun, that has an axe throwing tournament. Not an axe throwing tournament, that was fun.

Will you help make history, again?

More details will be released as things progress. However, we can’t really begin to plan until we have a better idea of attendance. We are hoping that travel restrictions being lifted to the degree they have been, coupled with new throwers, we break the 256 barrier and once again make axe throwing history. I know I am reserving a spot for myself. :)

The early details

YES! We will have a good amount of LIMITED guaranteed registrations available. Should they want it, the top 3 placing players from the 2021 Choptober Challenge will have a secured spot. The winner of the 0-2 tournament will also have a guaranteed registration, should they want to participate.

Guaranteed registrations will open the same day as the lottery. July 25th is the date. Lottery will close on August 5th

The drawing for lottery winners will be done live on Tuesday August 9th.


Yes, we are aware of premier rules being a major tournament “thing”. However, Chopper’s “thing” for Choptober is not about being the best. Again, its about having the best time. Because we feel standard rules allows more people to be included, we will be running Day 1 (starting with best of 5) under Standard rules and all of Day 2 under premier rules. We will not be segregating players into different tournaments. It’s one big party and everyone is invited!

We will once again be hosting a single elimination bracket for anyone who went 0-2 in the main event. The 0-2 bracket will be run all under Standard rules.

Skills & Turnpike Strike!

As mentioned before, we can’t really announce much more until we have a good feel for the attendance demand. Some of the things we have flexibility with are skills and the TPS! on Friday. In addition to the Challenger Series, these two items will have further details to follow.

Can’t wait!!

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