Skills Idea Submission

Skills Idea Submission

Breaking Up The Monotony With Skills

Bull, Bull, Bull, Bull, Clutch

Skills are one of the things that makes axe throwing fun. Playing games with your friends. Wasn’t that one of the best parts of being a kid? Making up games. Playing them. Adjusting the rules. We should still be doing this as adults.

Every month we hold our Turnpike Strike tournament. Part of the evening is playing 2 skills. These are really just axe throwing games, but we all call them skills. Simple games where skill is needed to win. The outcome can be less predictable as they are not always something practiced. Bullseys, killshots or clutches are what we throw time after time.

We Want Your Ideas for Skills

Because we know there are some great minds out there, we are offering a way you can submit your ideas. This community is so creative that we just know the next best skill is out there. In someone’s head just waiting to come out.

We have created a submission page on our site. A place anyone can submit skills ideas. Choppers is affiliated with both the IATF and WATL. This allows us to try our your great submissions and help develop and refine the rules. Because we love streaming content, a big audience can see the skills you submit being played.

Submissions should be clear and easy to understand. There should be sufficient details, but not overly explaining. Although we don’t know what is in your head, we DO get “axe throwing” as a whole.

Get those submissions for skills in! Our first submission was by Shady Vito. If we decide to implement your skill idea into one of our Turnpike Strike Tournaments, your registration for that first roll out is on us. Idea Credit will be given to those chosen skills. You will become super famous.

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