1st Place ?-Dollars
2nd Place ?-Dollars
3rd Place ?-Dollars
4th Place ?-Dollars
5th & 6th Place ?-Dollars
7th & 8th Place ?-Dollars

Details coming soon. This will be the registration page. Please bookmark this page for on-sale dates.

Nearby accommodations can be booked at Marriott’s Residence INN . Please call 856-429-6111 or book online.
*This location is roughly 7 minutes away and roughly an $11 UBER ride for 6 people


Prize Pool is based on 256 Participants. This is the Max field size for 2021.

Purchasing a lottery ticket is One way you will have a chance to be in the main tournament Oct 22nd – 24th. The other is through a Guaranteed registration. Only 64 spots will be open for this method. The remainder will be via lottery.

Ticket purchases will only be allowed between July 31st and Aug 7th. Winners of the lottery will be guaranteed a spot in the main tournament. Those names not drawn will have a chance to play in our consolation bracket. (Limited to pre-registration) The 2019 Choptober Challenge cash placement winners will be held a spot, but MUST still enter the lottery with at least 1 ticket. If cash winning players from 2019 do not enter the lottery, it will be assumed they are not participating in the 2021 Choptober Challenge.

Lottery drawing will be done Live on Aug 22nd at 9pm EST. Many things in the world have changed since the last Choptober and we are still uncertain of many things ourselves. We plan on this being a 256 person tournament as it was in the past. The assumption is the borders will be open. If they are not, Canadians will be issued a full refund for lottery as well as registration.

We will NOT be expanding the field beyond the 256 players. As big as it was last time, there were people who still did not get in. That might be the case again this year, unfortunately. Because of this, we are allowing the purchase of additional tickets to increase your entries/chances. Tickets will be limited to 5 per person. However, we are also offering 64 spots with Guaranteed entry, avoiding the lottery all together.

For those who are drawn as winners in the lottery, an invoice will be sent to the email address used to purchase your lottery ticket. PLEASE make sure it is correct when entering the lottery! We will not hunt you down for your spot. This invoice for the tournament registration ($85) MUST be paid by Aug 26th or the player will forfeit their spot.

Skills will be announced after the lottery drawing and will go on sale Sept 11th. Announcing skills after the tournament size is confirmed, and players know where they stand with The 2021 Choptober Challenge will allow players to make their decision if they would like to still participate in skills, and have teams figured out for skills requiring them BEFORE registering as there will be no refunds. It will also allow Choppers to announce the right number of skills with the time we will have. Please be aware, for travel arrangement purposes, the weekend will be spread out over Oct 22nd through Oct 24th

Invoices will be sent after lottery drawing and must be paid by August 26th 2021.

Skills registration will open on Sept 11th.

Ambi – $25 (Per Player)
Big Axe Doubles – $36 (Per TEAM)
Triples $20 (Per Player)
Yahtzee $80 (Per 4 Player Team)

After party:

After Party will be a Casino Theme night with Blackjack, Poker and Roulette! After the ground breaking 256 person Tournament we held in 2019, we knew we had out grown our own facility for The Choptober Challenge and were in the works of booking out a huge location to host in 2020 in Atlantic City NJ….. but Covid-19 messed up those plans, unfortunately. Since we have a much smaller Choptober this year and no need to incur the costs of hosting in Atlantic City,  we kept that theme in mind by bringing the casino to us!
Tickets will be available on-site at the front desk through-out the weekend.

Our charity partner for The Choptober Challenge is The FAF Coalition. FAF champions initiatives rich in arts, culture and sustainable design as a catalyst for community development and economic revitalization. We execute those initiatives by creating engaging places and innovative experiences that transform the lives of our community.

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