choptober 2022
1st Place ?-Dollars
2nd Place ?-Dollars
3rd Place ?-Dollars
4th Place ?-Dollars
5th & 6th Place ?-Dollars
7th & 8th Place ?-Dollars

This will be the registration page. Please bookmark this page for on-sale dates.

Weekend Schedule Can be seen HERE Oct 26 – Oct 29

Nearby accommodations can be booked at Marriott’s Residence INN . Please call 856-429-6111 or book online.
*This location is roughly 7 minutes away and short UBER ride.



Currently there is a max of 256 participants in the Final Choptober Challenge. Lottery participation will help us determine the actual tournament size and weekend schedule (number of skillz).

Prize Pool will be $7,500 based on 256 participants. Allocation breakdown TBD based on final registration.

Purchasing a lottery ticket is One way you will have a chance to be in the main tournament (Saturday start, top 32 finish on Sunday). The other is through a Guaranteed registration. Limited spots will be open for this guaranteed method. The remainder will be via lottery.

Ticket purchases will only be allowed between July 7 and July 21. These will go on sale at 10AM JULY 7th.
Winners of the lottery will be guaranteed a spot in the main tournament. Cost will be $125. Those names not drawn will have a chance to play in our consolation bracket. (Limited to pre-registration) The 2022 Choptober Challenge top 3 placement winners, as well as the 0-2 bracket winner from 2022 will be held a spot, but MUST still enter the lottery with at least 1 ticket. If those 4 players from 2022 do not enter the lottery, it will be assumed they are not participating in the 2023 Choptober Challenge.

Lottery drawing will be done Live on Sunday July 23 at 12pm Noon EST. We plan on this final Choptober being a 256 person tournament.

We are allowing the purchase of additional lottery tickets to increase your entries/chances. Tickets will NOT be limited per person as in years past. However, we are also offering limited (77) spots with Guaranteed entry, avoiding the lottery all together. Guarantee entries will also include an Event Tee in the price. Design of Event Tee will be by our partner Artist, Chad Eaton who has done many of our bad ass designs ($200 = registration, 7 lotto ticket costs + event tee)

For those who are drawn as winners in the lottery, an invoice will be sent to the email address used to purchase your lottery ticket. PLEASE make sure it is correct when entering the lottery! We will not hunt you down for your spot. This invoice for the tournament registration ($125) MUST be paid by Aug 1st or the player will forfeit their spot.

Skills will be announced after the lottery drawing and will go on sale at a TBA date. Announcing skills after the tournament size is confirmed, and players know where they stand with The 2023 Final Choptober Challenge will allow players to make their decision if they would like to still participate in skills, and have teams figured out for skills requiring them BEFORE registering as there will be no refunds. It will also allow Choppers to announce the right number of skills with the time we will have. Please be aware, for travel arrangement purposes, the weekend will be spread out over Oct 27th through Oct 29th. However, we will have other events starting on Oct 26th. Read HERE for details.

Invoices will be sent after lottery drawing and must be paid by August 1st 2023.



Skills registration:

So Have I Thrown That Yet – Single Player Event (Heats)
Will be 15 throws – 5 Short Axe, 5 Shovel, 5 Bix Axe Stool
Tie Breaker will be a clutch off going through all throws in order starting with short axe

Doubles with a Twist – Doubles event. 1 Player registering Team
(Single Elimination Bracket)
15 Throws total, 3 Rounds of 5
Round 1 and 2 are thrown with your Teammate at same target
Round 3 becomes defensive doubles. The team with the lowest score selects the the match-up throwing with a player from the other team

Quad-htzee  – Team of 4 registered by 1 player from the team (Heats)
It’s Yahtzee rules…. just on 1 target per team.



After party:

Awards Ceremony followed by Carnival Theme Axe Games
More details to follow as we say goodbye to the 2023 Choptober Challenge

Our charity partner for The Choptober Challenge is the Shinn Foundation who’s mission is scientific research for environmental and oceanic sustainability.

Lottery will benefit One Tree Planted

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