Choppers Womens Tournament - The Countess Cup

1st Place 1200-Dollars
2nd Place 500-Dollars
3rd Place 250-Dollars
4th Place 200-Dollars
5th & 6th Place 150-Dollars
7th & 8th Place 125-Dollars
9th - 12th Place 100-Dollars
13th - 16th Place 75-Dollars
17th - 24th Place 50-Dollars
25th - 32nd Place 25-Dollars

Chopper’s Womens Only Tournament, The Countess Cup is fast approaching. We are initially setting the field for the double elimination portion of the tournament at 64 players.
Update: 2/6/20 – We are expanding the field to 192

This will be under IATF playoff rules. Rounds will begin as Best of 5. Tournament will begin Saturday morning at 10am with practice starting at 9am. Seeding will be random.

There WILL be Skills. However, they will NOT be on sale at the same time as Tournament Registration. Based on the need to expand the field, we will determine which skills we open and how many skills available. Skills will be announced and put on sale Feb 21.

Registration will open Feb 3rd at 11AM EST for the tournament and wait list. Registration and wait list will close Feb 8th. Any change to the field size will be announced by Feb 10th. Skills will be announced Feb 21 and on sale Feb 29th at 10am.

Update 2/6/20: Registration will remain open until sold out

Prize Pool:
Update 2/6/20: Prize Pool Increased to $4000 and paying to the top 32 finishing throwers!

Nearby accommodations can be booked at Marriott’s Residence INN by clicking HERE. If rooms are showing sold out, please call 856-429-6111 and they will honor the group rate pricing.

Single King/Queen Suite with Pull Out Couch  – $119 Per Night
Double King/Queen Suite with Pull Out Couch  – $129 Per Night
2 Bedroom 2 Bath Bi-Level Suite with Pull Out Couch  – $159 Per Night
*This location is roughly 7 minutes away and about a $9 UBER ride for 6 people

Invoices will be sent to wait list will have 48 Hours to Pay before losing their place in line.

Skills registration will open on February 29th at 10am.

There are NO Refunds. Ticket Transfers will incur a $20 Charge.

Our charity partner for The Countess Cup are The Girl Scouts of Central and South Jersey.

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