Choppers Womens Tournament - The Countess Cup

1st Place 750-Dollars
2nd Place 600-Dollars
3rd Place 400-Dollars
4th Place 350-Dollars
5th & 6th Place 250-Dollars
7th & 8th Place 125-Dollars
9th - 12th Place 90-Dollars
13th - 16th Place 60-Dollars

Chopper’s Women’s Only Tournament, The Countess Cup is fast approaching. We are initially setting the field for the double elimination portion of the tournament at 128 players.

April 28 – 30, 2023

This will be under IATF playoff rules. Rounds will begin as Best of 5. Tournament will begin Saturday morning at 10am with practice starting at 9am. Seeding will be random. 1st portion of tournament will be no bleed points and touch clutch. Premier rules for the top 16

There WILL be Skills. However, they will NOT be on sale at the same time as Lottery. Skillz will go on sale following the lottery draw and will be:

– Jill of All Trades (The Original, real way) (Individual Registration)
– Sadie Hawkins Doubles (Registering a team of 2)
– Ménage a trois (2 ladies with a random guy) (Registering a Team of 2, Guys, registering individually)
– Beer League Yahtzee (Registering a Team of 4 – may only have 1 guy)

Lottery will open Feb 13th. If you miss the opening bell for the lottery going on sale, don’t worry, it will be open until March 6th at 11:59PM. You are able to purchase more than 1 ticket to increase your chances, but will be limited to 6 per player. Any change to the field size will be announced before the lottery drawing.

Prize Pool:
Prize Pool is $5000 and paying out to the top 24 finishing throwers! Take home “Big Checks” for top 16
*Based on reaching 128 player field

Nearby accommodations can be booked at Marriott’s Residence INN  We will be providing updates on room blocks, so please check back for details!

Single King/Queen Suite with Pull Out Couch  – $TBA Per Night
Double King/Queen Suite with Pull Out Couch  – $TBA Per Night
2 Bedroom 2 Bath Bi-Level Suite with Pull Out Couch  – $TBA Per Night
*This location is roughly 7 minutes away and about a $12 UBER ride for 6 people

Invoices will be sent to lottery winners within 48 Hours. Payment due within 1 week before losing their place in line.

Skills registration will open after lottery drawing and more info to be announced.

There are NO Refunds. Tickets may be transferred through proper channels.

Our charity partner for The Countess Cup main tournament is still being worked out at this time. Lottery charity will be One Tree Planted

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