The “Bo”vember Turnpike Strike!

The “Bo”vember Turnpike Strike!

With the October Turnpike Strike! ending, I heard a LOT of comments loving the change up to 1.5 Spin. Everyone seemed to really have a good time with this axe throwing tournament, and you can read about it here.

For November, I want to pay tribute to an awesome dude that incorporated multiple distances a while back. Mr Bo Tait from Vally Axe who started the Multiverse Tournament. Although we are not following his rules to a T, we are incorporating a similar idea. Using 3 different distances into one axe throwing match.

Down and dirty rules

The throws will all be done on IATF Targets under the same general rules. It is basically the throws that will change.

Normal 5 throws, best of 5 until the Semi-Finals where it goes to best of 7. Each round will change throws.
Round 1 = Standard Hatchet
Round 2 = 1.5 Spin
In Round 3 = 2 Spin
Round 4 = (When Needed) Starts throw rotation back at standard Hatchet
Round 5 (When it is not a rubber match, ie Best of 7) = 1.5 Spin
Round 6 = 2 Spin
All Rubber Matches will be a 3 disciplines in one round. Throws 1 &2 will be standard hatchet. Throws 3 & 4 will be 1.5 Spin. 5th and final throw will be 2 spin.
Tie breakers will be settled each round with Underhand Big Axe, straight to points, bull in to clutch.

BoVember Skills

Tournament will be held in the upstairs Arenas, the Spectrum and the Vet. This is for space to be able to do the 2 spin throws. Because of this, the tournament can/will take a little longer than normal. Also because of this, there will be more down time than normal. My thought behind skills is to run them simultaneously in the lower arenas, and to make these skills where specific heats arent necessary.

1.5 Spin Clutch Poker will be the one skill I can commit to. And honestly, I don’t know that we are going to either want or need another skill for this Turnpike Strike! due to the fun of watching the matches being played. I feel like we may have more fun seeing the outcome of the matches than throwing a random skill game. What do you think? I am open to any suggestions on a 2nd skill, as well as doing a night-of-vote for a 2nd skill.

Want in? Register Now HERE. Registration will be limited. Date will be Nov 20th as the final Friday of November will fall on Black Friday.

Prize Payout

During this pandemic, it shouldn’t be any surprise that money is tight. Although we do have a cap, we do need to protect ourselves from this being a losing event costing us money as well. Because we don’t know how the turnout will be for this axe throwing tournament will be, just throwing it out there that if there are less than 16 payers, we reserve the right to adjust from the standard pay out of the $450 prize pool to become a percentage based payout, similar to how we do our Marathon Leagues.

Speaking of Marathon Leagues, registration is open for our Annual Black Friday and Black Saturday marathon days. Don’t forget to register HERE.

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