The Choppers Difference

The Choppers Difference

What Sets Choppers Apart From The Competition

Although Choppers was not the first axe throwing venue, in our opinion it IS the Best. This same statement has come out of the mouths of countless customers who have been elsewhere first. Now they don’t want to go anywhere else. This does not surprise us as we strive to be at this level and to set the pace and standard in the industry. As more and more places are opening, it is clear that these owners are trying to take a page from our playbook. Their problem is they are missing the key ingredient. They are’t us.

Who is Us?

Before deciding to escape corporate life, the owners Keith Gibbons and Greg Foster were in the Sports & Entertainment business for 30+ years collectively. Creating memorable experiences that last a lifetime was their job, and they did it well! If you attended a major sporting event or concert, there is a good chance these two had a big hand in making your experience great. Been to a 50K+ Festival or event, yep, they were planning that a year in advance. Although this history is great, it is not everything in the secret sauce. The balance the two provide to each other, coupled with the level of respect each has for the other’s strengths are an ingredient that can’t be replicated. Another major part of the secret sauce is how open they both are to input from others. Being able to admit failure and trying enough to fail. You can’t copy that.

How are we different?

Rather than copying what others do, Choppers looks to see what others haven’t done. Asking the question “Will this improve a customer’s experience” is at the root of almost every decision we make. Although the activity of throwing axes is fun when visiting any venue, making it better is what we strive to achieve.

The Amenities


Location, Location, Location. We are directly off of the major interstate 295 in a town you could travel the country and anyone would know the name. It is a short drive from any town in South Jersey. We are minutes from the NJ Turnpike, and 10 minutes from any bridge from Philadelphia and Deleware. A true tri-state central location with hundreds of parking spaces for guests on sold out nights.

The Space

Having over 13K Square feet of space, there is plenty of room for parties of all sizes. We have a capacity of 440 people and have successfully handled parties close to maxing out that number. The layout is well thought out from the moment you walk in until the time you leave.

On those freezing cold nights or hot and muggy days, there is plenty of space to be inside comfortably when checking in. You wont be standing outside. Group of bookings all arrive at the same time. Everyone else taking up the 300 Sq Ft other places have for you is not fun. After checking in, you are able to hang in the lounge with spacious couches, high top tables and refrigerators.

Whether it is before or after your event, we don’t just throw axes. There is something extra for everyone to do. Dozens of retro arcade games line the lounge. There are multiple pinball machines to choose from. Two pool tables are available. We have Skeeball, basketball, Air Hockey, Darts, Bamini (The Ring Game), Cornhole and the list goes on and on.

Corporate events and Team Building sometimes requires a little bit of serious time. Our solution is called “The Axe Hall”. Our state of the art meeting room is the perfect place to get business out of the way. It is far enough away from the activities to be all business when its required. With seating for 70 in a classroom style layout, it can accommodate most meeting needs. Outfitted with three (3) 200in Projector screens, Audio and a presentation podium, there is not much else you could ask for. This room can be used for a wide variety of purposes, but this is the most common use.

The Axperience

Another thing that can’t be replicated is our staff. High energy, engaging and knowledgeable in your group having a great time. We provide every axe throwing arena with its own TV and control of the channels. Digital scoreboards. Other places the “coach”, if the place even provides one, will score on a scrap piece of paper. We were so convinced players knowing their score and where they stood that we wrote our own software to solve this. Wow has it paid off! We ARE doing something competitive, why not know your place in the bracket! The experience we are able to provide over any other venue just can’t be matched.

Give Axe Throwing With Choppers a Shot

Whether it’s your Birthday, a company party, bachelor or bachelorette party, or just a night out with friends, axe throwing at Choppers is a great choice. You will not be disappointed in your experience and we are willing to bet you will be back! We do have Leagues where you can throw every week. For the competitive type, you are able to keep track of stats online in real time. No matter the occasion, booking an event with us is the first step to having a blast doing something you did not know was this much fun.

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