The Countess Cup is in the record books!

The Countess Cup is in the record books!

What an amazing weekend of women’s axe throwing! The Countess Cup has FINALY taken place!

It’s hard to believe that it was the spring of 2019 when Choppers originally announced the very first, all women’s, major axe throwing tournament. Other women’s event have taken place at other venues since, which is awesome and we are so happy to see it. However, this one, the Countess Cup, was ours. Good or bad, we owned it.

It became something that kept me up at night. There was not anything we could have done to prevent the delays we faced from the Covid-19 shut down in 2020. The nasty emails, DM’s, private messages and comments would just eat at me. Trying to put my depression aside and worry about being able to keep the lights on, I had to cope with knowing so many were feeling as though Choppers (and I) had let them down. In reality, that was the last thing that I wanted to do.

On the other hand, the amount of people willing to support Choppers, and me personally, is humbling.

The support was incredible

I don’t want to turn this post into something about me. But I can’t express my thanks properly without doing so for a bit here. I will still probably fall short of expressing it properly, but here it goes.

The pandemic has effected all of us differently. Mental health is a real issue not addressed in society. I’m not immune to it and all of “this”, whatever “this” is… has really taken a toll on me. Mentally. Emotionally. Financially. You name it, it has sucked.

Luckily, I have people around me who recognize my needs, even if I don’t ever voice them or ask for help. Although the list is long, Kevin Bradley, Joe Nessler and Krista DiAngelus are right up there at the top. These humans know me better than I know myself in some respects, and aren’t afraid to approach me offering their assistance. I could bore everyone with example after example, but they know. I know. And that is all that matters. Thank you!

The community stepped up and made it happen

Choppers is blessed to have members of the axe throwing community from not only within our leagues, but other IATF member locations as well. We have people like Fallon Keuhner who helps from hours away getting on calls discussing planning and giving perspective. People like Tim Stivers who drove from Pittsburg to show his support for the ladies, but also volunteered to score matches for hours on end.

Our own local league members are amazing. I can only assume that they feel that we have given them a place to call home, and they are proud of their home venue. It speaks volumes and melts my heart to see how many step up and help in any way we needed. No matter if the help was setting up tables and chairs, scoring matches, painting boards, cleaning bathrooms, running notes around from coaches to skills runners. You name it, they would do it.

I could get into naming people, but the truth is, I will mess that up. Our league members help out every day, not just for the Countess Cup. They know who they are, and so do we. And we appreciate it very much!

Countess Cup SKILLZZZZ!!!!

After we played out the majority of the Countess Cup tournament under Standard IATF rules, we came back the following morning and started with some fun!

First up:

Jill of All Trades

While we invented this skill and name, another venue who held a women’s tournament in the absence of the Countess Cup borrowed it. Totally fine. That’s why we come up with them. For everyone to enjoy! That being said, they decided to change it up and we needed to decide if we were going to confuse the community by playing it by the original rules, OR play it by what many may now be under the impression the rules are. We decided it was best for the community, not our ego, to play by the rules the other venue came up with.

It was 3 different throws. 1.5 spin, underhand, and standard overhand.

Alex Mitchell ran away with the win. Congratulations Alex! You were throwing fire!

Big Axe Blackjack

Blackjack is interesting enough with the no-bleed rules, so throwing it with a big axe just makes it that much harder! That didnt stop “the Coming Storm” from taking the W.

It was no surprise to see her in the finals after her talking the win in the Friday night Turnpike Strike!

Doubles – Formerly Sadie Hawkins

Since there was such a delay in having the Countess Cup from the time it was originally planned, a few things couldn’t help but change. It’s to be expected, right?

Well… yes, I agree. However, we put the date out a YEAR in advance. Even though we had a date announced for the Countess Cup…. the worlds largest women’s axe throwing tournament, someone else fairly locally decided it would be the perfect date to hold a tournament. Not saying it was intentional, but it does suck. Part of the energy that *should* have been present was more men supporting the women. The Sadie Hawkins Doubles skill was a way to give those coming out supporting the ladies a chance to throw. Unfortunately, many made other arrangements and had to bail on their dates. But I digress.

Mark Jobes and Katylen Causey of the Monday night Industry League took the trophy home for Doubles.


How do you play?

Get a team. Come up with a crazy name. Come up with something to wear as a team. Throw what the coach scoring tell you to. #freecutoutdave

Congratulations Kate, Katelyn, Dave and Joe!

The Countess Cup – Top 16

Day 2 is where the top 16 were battling it out to place in the money. The difference today, Premier rules. No Bleed and Clutch has to break top and bottom of a box within the clutch.

Warning: Bias paragraph ahead

I could not be prouder of the two women who make up the Chopper’s management team. Kate O’Connor and Lexi Greenwald. They both not only run Choppers every day, but are working during a major tournament they are throwing in and STILL managed to make it to the Top 16.

The Finals

The finals were intense! It was Judith Karim (Jude) and Nicole Silvestri (Littlefoot). I personally did not know anything about Jude’s ability before this weekend, but wow can she throw! Littlefoot on the other hand, I have seen throw at other tournaments we have held. I know that Nicole is a force to be reckoned with and that held true on May 1st, 2022.

Coming from the B Bracket, Nicole needed to take the B Bracket crown by taking Lizzy Linsmayer out securing her place in 3rd. Then Littlefoot had to beat Jude not once, but twice. She pulled it out, but Jude put up a hell of a fight!

Congrats to the 12 players claiming the top 9 placements!

1st – Nicole Silvestri
2nd – Judith Karim
3rd – Lizzy Lansmayer
4th – Chloe Mathews
5th – The Coming Storm & Kate O’Connor
7th – Alexis Greenwald & Rachael Umbriano
9th – Katelyn Causey, Julia Fetty, Nicole Wall & Jennifer Krueger

This was an amazing event and I could not be happier for all those who attended. I can’t thank everyone enough who helped pull this event off. And thank you to all the woman for bearing with us as we struggled to hold this event properly.

Just. Plain. Thank You!

Special Shout-out to Mary Grambsch for putting together the after-party. It was much appreciated!

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