The Final Choptober & 5th Birthday

The Final Choptober & 5th Birthday

The final Choptober Challenge. You took it for granted all this time. Who could live with themselves if they knowingly missed the LAST Choptober Challenge?! ….On the 5th anniversary! Not me.

If you have been to Choptober before, you surely will have FOMO with what we have in store this year. If you haven’t been to one, you absolutely are missing out. It’s going to be a long one, so start your planning now! We’re going up on the 5th and final.

Wednesday 10/25

Not confirmed just yet, but if history is any indicator, we will be hosting the Titos charity tournament the Wednesday before the Choptober Challenge. This event is an invite only (private event) Titos holds to kick off The Choptober Challenge.

Thursday 10/26

Get on our Champion wall! We will be running multiple marathons, all which will count to get your name in paint… on the CHOPPERS CHAMPIONS WALL!

It is now possible for someone from out of town to be able to get their name on all 4 major categories of our Champion Wall in ONE trip. How cool would that be?!! (Pretty cool, actually)

Friday 10/27

2 Tournaments and a TPS! We will be hosting two tournaments during the day. Unfortunately, they will be running simultaneously so you will need to just pick one. The simultaneous tournaments will be

  • Doubles Tournament
  • Big Axe Tournament

Some hourly rate throwing will be allowed all day and into the night.

Friday night, the world famous Turnpike Strike! & Costume Contest. This will be a Beer League games theme. The demand and fun we have with these is unreal, and we are keeping it going! Give the people what they want!

Turnpike Strike

Saturday 10/28

The main event starts Saturday morning bright and early and will be a no bleed bull, touch clutch double elimination. We are planning on 256 players with the Top 32 players moving on to Day 2.

Skills will be Saturday night. The number of skills will be based on tournament size as determined by the lottery.

Sunday 10/29

The order for Sunday is still not set in stone, but we will be finishing up the Top 32 participants from the main event of the Choptober Challenge, throwing under IATF Premier Rules. And since we were the home of the Owen-Too (0-2) tournament, we will be continuing that tradition in 2023.

Awards ceremony and afterparty. By popular demand we are going to keep the same Carnival theme as last year. Complete with all new original axe throwing games everyone can take back to their home venues to play and improve upon. We want you to help promote keeping the fun in the game.

Choptober Monday 10/30

We will be hosting a Double eliminnnARE you F@$#ing kidding me?! GO HOME! You just had the time of your life, threw axes in your Halloween costume, got your name on the Champs Wall, made 20 new best friends AND just attended the last Choptober Challenge.

Keep an eye on our social media for updates!

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