The Final Choptober of 2023, “Thank You” Post

The Final Choptober of 2023, “Thank You” Post

I’ve sat down and started this blog post and edited it a few times. If you haven’t noticed, its almost a month after the Final Choptober that I am posting. You probably wont believe this, but about a week ago I was ready to make it live. However, I decided I would make it live on Thanksgiving Day instead. First, because of the spirit of being thankful. Second, because in my mind, maybe people are stepping away from the fast pace of life and relaxing with family and friends that day. If they are, they are going to need to get away from them for a few minutes (HAHA) and maybe releasing this will give them something to read. I also changed it from being a recap, because you all know what happened, who wants to hear me recap it?

Thank you (most of you) for buying into this being the final Choptober. Also, sorry for giving some of you anxiety over it. It was fun hearing the different reactions and rumors. All of which confirmed Krista D was wrong and I was right in this idea! BUT, as Kate had mentioned in her interview on An Axe League of Their Own Podcast, you don’t ever know if its going to be the last one. We never know what is going to happen, so live life like this is the last one.

Thank you to the throwers

Without all of you, Choptober wouldn’t be what it is today. Thank you all for buying into our long standing philosophy of what this tournament is supposed to be. Fun, period. Yes there is a high level of competition, but this is a time to stop taking everything so seriously. Meet up with old friends, make new friends, throw axes and come close to death while having a great time!

Seeing everyone doing just that is what makes this all worth while. The feedback we receive helps everyone on our team continue to push forward and want to make Choptober possible for all of you. Sometimes its not even a verbal or written thank you, its just the energy in the room. The smiles on people’s faces. The sounds of the room. All of it is the reaction to the experience, and it does not go unnoticed.

It is also amazing how MUCH you all want to throw axes! When planning these things, its always a question of travel and time commitments. We are sensitive to the cost and commitment and question if we are asking too much. But what we tried to do was make it completely your choice in the participation level that fit you, and you can decide. What was amazing this year was how many of you just wanted to do it ALL! It made it all worth it, and the Chopper’s Family thanks you for believing in us enough to deliver what you want in order to step up and make the commitments you did.

Speaking of the Choppers Family

Obviously, NONE of this would be possible without them. All of them. From Maria who comes in and cleans up our messes in the background, all the way up to Kate O’Connor, our GM. Our staff is amazing, and each and every one of them play such an important role. Not to mention all of the fabulous members of the community, friends and family who step up to help in so many ways to make this weekend one that people don’t want to miss. The sacrifices they make and help they provide is critical to the success, and everyone appreciates it!

In no particular order

Well, except for Kate, because I just feel like starting off breaking her stones.

Kate, was that your mom at the bar? I thought she said something about that, but I could hear what she said, so I just smiled and nodded. If it was, tell her I said Thanks! Same with that buff dude working with her.

In all seriousness, it has been a pleasure watching you grow into your role over the years. I wont embarrass you publicly any more than I already do. You know I am always here for you in whatever you may need and I look forward to being a part of you development in the future.

Don, thank you for all your input and work. I am honored to have an announcer such as yourself! Its not an easy task, and you nailed it 2 years in a row! Thank you!

Kevin Bradley & Joe (the hat) Nessler

These two are so integral to not only Choppers, but the whole axe community and do not get enough appreciation.

From the first night Choppers opened it doors, Kevin Bradley has been there and has always been one of my favorite humans. He is always willing, able and eager to be right in the mix and providing help every which way he can. The love and support he has given over the years can’t even be put into words. Not just support to me or Choppers, but to the league community as a whole. Like with Joe Nessler, I am sure I am not the only one who thanks you.

Joe. Joe Nessler. Joey the Hat…. The man, the myth, the legend! This community loves you, and so do I. You are the one who is always worrying about something others should have been worrying about. Always looking out for others, but having a great time yourself. I know you are always in my ear about “coming back” to league, and reminding me I do miss it. I promise I will. You are an inspiration to others, and a rock for so many. I don’t want to get all sappy and teary-eyed. Thank You for everything.

Tour Schedule for next year

So, as it has already been announced, Choptober is NOT done with. We WILL be back in 2024 October 25th – 27th… which will probably turn into the 23rd to the 27th. We really appreciate any feedback you have for us to improve the weekend and your experience. Unfortunately we can’t make every dream come true, but we can try, right?

Have a suggestion? Email it to

We look forward to the next one, and Thank You all for being a part of it for the last 5 years. (Really 6, but F*@! Covid!)

Here is how much wood we went through during the tournament.

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