Ticket Transfers for Countess Cup

Ticket Transfers for Countess Cup

The Countess Cup’s new date of April 30th – May 1st is quickly approaching. We announced this date in June of 2021. Unfortunately, there are some who are not able to make the new date. However, there are also many people asking for tickets. We are not offering tickets for sale. Instead, those who are not able to make the event may sell or transfer their tickets. We are not charging any transfer fees, we simply just ask you fill out a transfer form.

If coordinating this event without any hiccups isn’t hard enough, we are dealing with many other hurdles completely out of our control. Keeping track of the bracket registration properly is going to be a real challenge. We have had many people donate their Countess Cup registration and skills as a charitable contribution to us in the beginning of the pandemic (THANK YOU AGAIN!!!) to help us even make it this far in remaining open long enough to even host this amazing event. Others would like to recoup their cost. We are not regulating anything on price. You can give it away to someone. You can sell it for twice face value. Or maybe you are only asking half the price. That is your decision.

If you are transferring your ticket(s) for the Countess Cup, we simply ask that the seller or buyer fill out the form we have to help us keep track of all the transfers.

Click here to go to the ticket transfer Form

Thank all you amazing axe throwers! We are looking forward to a great weekend!

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