Turnpike Strike! – Axe Throwing Teams

Turnpike Strike! – Axe Throwing Teams

I’m a little late in writing this. This was a fun Turnpike Strike! for sure. Axe Throwing Teams! An entire new energy was in the air. A great turn out helped make this a really fun idea and tells me others thought it was an interesting way to make axe throwing more fun. As with anything we try, lessons can be learned and we can improve for next time. This month’s TPS was all about Axe Throwing TEAMS!

This TPS we didn’t do any Skills. In having the number of people required for creating the teams it was going to take way too long to get through everything. We had no idea what to expect out of coordinating 8 people to be in one spot at one time. Then the batting order, and did someone wander off an its their turn… Every. Single. TPS we hear complaint after complaint about how long they end up being. This time, everyone complained that they were going to get done early… go figure.

Without getting into every detail of the team’s requirements, there were some simple basic parameters. Teams consisted of 4 throwers. The team’s average couldn’t be above a 67.5 career average in axescores. There were a few exceptions to having JUST you career average be the number used. For further details on the requirements, be sure to check the initial article.

Final Friday!

There were a total of 18 teams registered and ready to throw some axes. Trying out this new Axe Throwing Team play. I’ll be honest, I thought there would be teams with much higher averages. This just went to show that winning isn’t the entire reason for attending ax throwing tournaments. The camaraderie is definitely a HUGE part. Throwing with and hanging around with your friends can’t be beat.

The team names were great. Seeing high ranking players teamed up with lower ranking throwers was awesome as well. This was part of the intention in the limiting factors for what can be a “legal” team. Forcing higher ranking throwers to bring along someone who is not as equally matched can only help build that lower ranking player’s skills.

There were so many good matches and people’s names that make up the teams that I am struggling with how to even begin talking about the tournament. The stand out team was the very last team to register. A last minute addition to even out the bracket. Da Throw Boiz

Da Throw Boiz Run

T-man, Jimmy Warpigs, Aye Carumbles and Brendan made up an Axe Throwing team known around the world as “Da Throw Boiz”. They registered with a 66.8 team average and dominated the tournament. They ran the A Bracket by first beating the “Mighty Fearsome Iron Onions” that had a 63.2 average. Afterwards, taking out “Retirement” who came in with a team average of 66.6.

Round 3 of A Bracket they faced “Natty by Nature”, a well know team of friends that came dressed to impress, and Elliot. This team came in with a 65.03 average, but played like they had maxed out the system. Once they landed in B bracket, they fought their way back to face “Da Throw Boiz” again in the finals. Both Axe throwing Teams had to face “Team Mazhu” that had a 66.91 average.

natty axe throwing team
Natty by Nature

Da Throw Boiz were too much for Natty by Nature in the end. They sealed the win in the finals taking home the title of the first 4 player Axe Throwing Team Turnpike Strike! Congratulations Boiz! Well deserved.

Team finals

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