Upcoming Events at Choppers Hatchet House

Upcoming Events at Choppers Hatchet House

There is a LOT coming up, so thought it would be good to put it all in one place. It’s not easy to find what we all internally know about what is coming up…. and I personally suck at letting people know. I had every intention of doing this prior to the last few marathons that went on, but I failed. Here is my attempt at getting it all out there now!

The Choptober Challenge – 2023 Edition

So we all know this is coming, but there is a lot going on. Let’s break it down by day.


Starting on Thursday Oct 25th, we have (probably) one of the biggest IATF Marathon Leagues ever run simultaneously. Four of them to be exact! Each League will have 16 players and be starting at 10am with practice opening at 9am


There are 2 different tournaments in the morning, and 2 at night.

We have a Doubles Tournament and a Big Axe Tournament. Both starting at 10am with practice open at 9:30am. There are still a few spots available at the time of writing this post. You can register online HERE.

Friday night we are having the world famous Turnpike Strike! Choptober style! This is completely filled and there is a wait list. This is going to be a blast even for spectators, so dont miss it! If you are able to come down and hang out, DO IT!

There is also a $15 open throw for those who are not in the TPS! but still wanted to get some throwing in. You are sharing any available space. Not a private lane for you to hog up all to yourself. Sorry.

Be sure to wear your costumes on Friday too! Costume Contest will be during the TPS! We know some costumes are elaborate, but its so much more fun when you are wearing it all night!


Doors will open at 8am for main event player check-in and start of practice hour. Opening ceremonies will start at 9am and the start of the tournament will begin immediately following.

Axe Market will be running all day. Vendors are welcome to sign up (while space is available) HERE.

NO, the bracket will NOT be available ahead of time as it can change up to the last minute prior to the start. Don’t Ask for it.

We will be playing all matches until we get to the top 32 players, or 3pm. Whichever comes first.

Skills will begin at 4pm. They will run in order. Single player, Doubles, 4 player… There is no secret to the order. It’s ALWAYS the same, yet people still ask 200x. Also, these are skills events… NO, we don’t know what time each will start. Sorry, our crystal ball is broken. :(

Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!!!

Practice will begin at 8am. This is for THE TOP 32 PLAYERS ONLY. It is not practice for everyone! If you are not in the top 32, you are not permitted to throw. Sorry. If you are in the 0-2 bracket, your practice time is later in the day.

The Finals will begin at 9am with some amazing talent, so be sure to come spectate and support your fellow throwers in celebrating the 2023 Final Choptober Challenge winner!

Our Owen Too (0-2) bracket will begin at 3pm with practice prior. Players are not permitted to substitute anyone or take someone else’s place. It is for legitimate 0-2 throwers from day 1.

Our Awards Ceremony and After Party will begin at 7pm. Tickets will be available shortly HERE. If you attended last year, you know how much of a good time this is. Joe Nessler, Kevin Bradley and the rest of the team do such an amazing job at coming up with these different games for everyone to bring back to their venues and keep the FUN in axe throwing. The spirit of the Choptober Challenge was never about who the best thrower was, it was about having fun. Going to a party and an axe throwing tournament breaks out! This is what they have created with this afterparty as well.

Its a party, after the tournament, with axe throwing!!

saturday Sunday After Party


We have a few events to mention coming up quickly as well that are overshadowed by Choptober, but are equally important to us.

Veteran’s Day Charity Marathon

November 11th we are celebrating Veteran’s Day with a mini-marathon. Half of the player entry is going to NJ Veterans Memorial Home. The IATF will also be donating their player fee to the cause which was very generous for them to offer this as well. The credit goes to Kevin from Battle of the Axes in starting this idea up where any venue anywhere can be part of supporting our Veterans.

Registration is open and you can register HERE.

Black Friday Marathons and Ironman

These are not up for registration just yet, but we will be hosting our annual Black Friday marathon. We also host an ironman which is playing in 2 leagues simultaneously. This is for those people who really want to hate axe throwing after Black Friday.

The date you ask? Well… Its not held on Ash Wednesday, we do it on Black Friday!

Registration will be open shortly, so check back on our League Page to secure your spot.

We hope to see you all soon!!

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